Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tony Blair and the death of David Kelly: The Chilcot Inquiry equals "don't mention Dr David Kelly": Shameful episode in British history

by Stephen Frost
Global Research, January 23, 2011

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Chilcot Inquiry equals "don't mention Dr David Kelly" ... an inquest into Dr Kelly's death is required by the laws of this land, and indeed those of Europe ... the evidence would have to be heard under oath at an inquest ... so far, there have been no fewer than five inquiries into the Iraq War (Foreign Affairs Committee, Intelligence and Security Committee, Hutton Inquiry, Butler inquiry, Chilcot Inquiry) but not a single word of evidence at any of these inquiries has been heard under oath ... if evidence were heard under oath there WOULD be a breaking of ranks (perjury is a very serious crime) ... the only chance of hearing evidence under oath would be at an inquest into Dr David Kelly's death ... that is why the call for that inquest is so important ... please read this:

and, for background, please read this:

Everyone who cares about this shameful episode in British history, and who wants to arrive at the truth of the matter, should support the increasingly loud calls for this required (in law) inquest into a death which was inextricably linked to the United Kingdom's waging of illegal (according to both the Geneva Conventions ... "the supreme international war crime" ... and the United Nations Charter) aggressive war on the sovereign state of Iraq.

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