Saturday, 18 June 2011

Links to two television interviews with Dr Michael Powers QC from a comment on

Chris said...

Excellent interview on BBC News with QC Dr Michael Powers June 9 shortly before Grieve's decision, in which Dr Powers gives a very careful and measured account of the need for an inquest in law. Also fascinating disclosure that apparently Dr Nicholas Hunt the pathologist met the coroner in private and gave him his view as to the cause of death, but apparently by two days later he had changed that verdict.
Also see interview on Channel 4 with Powers and David Aaronovitch which gives more details re Hunt, and illustrates I think what a measured, calm and rational thinker Dr Powers is. He is no conspiracy theorist, but he does want the due process of law followed, and gives details of how it has not been followed so far.
Apologies Tim if I am not meant to give websites.

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