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Long (2500 words approx.) article on the David Kelly Affair (Kellygate), followed by comments

Dr David Kelly: The damning new evidence that points to a cover-up by Tony Blair's government

Last updated at 9:24 AM on 26th June 2010
The official story of Dr David Kelly is that he took his own life in an Oxfordshire wood by overdosing on painkillers and cutting his left wrist with a pruning knife. 
He was said to be devastated after being unmasked as the source of the BBC’s claim that the Government had ‘sexed up’ the case for war in Iraq.
A subsequent official inquiry led by Lord Hutton into the circumstances leading to the death came to the unequivocal conclusion that Kelly committed suicide.
Yet suspicions of foul play still hang heavy over the death of the weapons expert whose body was found seven years ago next month in one of the most notorious episodes of Tony Blair’s premiership.
Mystery: A new investigation in the death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly has revealed shocking new claims of a government cover-up
Mystery: A new investigation into the death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly has revealed shocking new claims of a government cover-up
Many believe the truth about the manner of Dr Kelly’s death has never been established properly. Some even fear that the 59-year-old, the world’s leading expert in biological and chemical weapons, was murdered.
Of course, it would be easy to dismiss these sceptics as wild conspiracy theorists — but for the fact they include eminent doctors and MPs.
The blanket of secrecy thrown over the case by the last Labour Government has only fuelled the sense of mystery. 
In January this year, it emerged that unpublished medical and scientific records relating to Dr Kelly’s death - including the post-mortem report and photographs of his body - had been secretly classified so as not to be made public for 70 years.
Lord Hutton, who had been appointed by Blair, was responsible for this extraordinary gagging order, yet its legal basis has baffled experts accustomed to such matters.
Against this shadowy background, we have conducted a rigorous and thorough investigation into the mystery that surrounds the death of David Kelly. And our investigation has turned up evidence which raises still more disturbing questions.
Our new revelations include the ambiguous nature of the wording on Dr Kelly’s death certificate; the existence of an anonymous letter which says his colleagues were warned to stay away from his funeral; and an extraordinary claim that the wallpaper at Dr Kelly’s home was stripped by police in the hours after he was reported missing - but before his body was found.
Suicide?: An aerial view of Harrowdown Hill, Oxfordshire, where Dr David Kelly's body was discovered in July 2003
Suicide? An aerial view of Harrowdown Hill, Oxfordshire, where Dr David Kelly's body was discovered in July 2003
Until now, details of Dr Kelly’s death certificate have never been made public. 
But the certificate was obtained by a group of leading doctors who have spent almost seven years investigating the case; doctors who believe it is medically implausible that he died in the manner Hutton concluded and are alarmed at the unorthodox way the death certificate was completed.
Near the top of all British death certificates is a box headed ‘Date and place of death’, in which a doctor or coroner should declare the exact location of a death, if it has been established. 
Dr Kelly’s certificate gives his date of death as July 18, 2003. It then states in reference to place of death: ‘Found dead at Harrowdown Hill, Longworth, Oxon’.
Why was the word ‘found’ used? Why was the crucial question of ‘place of death’ not answered? The death certificate should be precise about the time, cause and location of death.
The doctors who have investigated the case believe the failure to answer this question leaves open the possibility that Dr Kelly died somewhere other than Harrowdown Hill, the wood where his body was discovered. If this was the case, they are concerned the law may have been subverted over Dr Kelly’s death.
Dr David Kelly leaving The House of Commons, Tuesday July 15, 2003 after giving evidence to the Commons select committee
Any such irregularity would inevitably add to the pressure to reopen the case. Indeed, earlier this month it was revealed that Justice Secretary Ken Clarke and Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who have the power to undo Hutton’s 70-year gagging order and demand a coroner’s inquest into Dr Kelly’s death, are poised to re-open the case.
To this day, the location where Dr Kelly died remains a mystery — yet it is surely the most basic requirement of an investigation into any violent or unexpected death.
Nor was the question of the location of death raised at the Hutton Inquiry. 
Amazingly, Chief Inspector (now Superintendent) Alan Young of Thames Valley Police, who headed the investigation into Dr Kelly’s death, did not even give evidence to the Hutton Inquiry. 
Significantly, it emerged via a Freedom of Information request in 2008 that a police helicopter with heat-seeking equipment which searched for Dr Kelly on the night he disappeared did not detect his body.
Search: It is claimed that on the night Dr David Kelly went missing, officers from Thames Valley Police removed wallpaper from his house
Search: It is claimed that on the night Dr David Kelly went missing, officers from Thames Valley Police removed wallpaper from his house
At 2.50am on July 18, 2003, the helicopter flew over the exact spot where Dr Kelly’s body was found by a search party less than six hours later, at 8.30am. 
Yet the pathologist who took Dr Kelly’s body temperature at 7pm on the day his body was found determined that Dr Kelly could still have been alive at 1.15am on July 18 — just 95 minutes before the helicopter flew over the patch of woodland.
If that was the case, the body would have been warm enough to be picked up by the helicopter’s heat sensors. Why didn’t the helicopter pick it up? Was it because Dr Kelly did not die where his body was found?
A full coroner’s inquest, which, by law, must be held following any sudden, unexpected or violent death, would have addressed these discrepancies. 
But no full inquest was ever held. 
Oxfordshire Coroner Nicholas Gardiner opened an inquest on July 21. But on August 13 the then Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, Tony Blair’s former flatmate, ordered it to be adjourned indefinitely.
Falconer used an obscure law to suspend proceedings, and for the first time in English legal history he replaced an inquest with a non-statutory public inquiry to examine a single death, seemingly without any public explanation.
When we tracked Mr Gardiner down, he refused to say whether he was ‘either happy or unhappy’ about this decision, but he did admit: ‘Public inquiries of this sort are very rare creatures. I think this was only about the third there had ever been.’
In fact, it was the fourth. Using a public inquiry to replace a coroner’s inquest - under Section 17a of the Coroner’s Act - in order to examine a death has only ever happened in three other cases. And in each case, it was where multiple deaths have occurred.
These were the incidents in which 31 people were killed in the Ladbroke Grove rail crash in 2000; the 311 deaths connected with Dr Harold Shipman; and the 36 deaths associated with the Hull trawler Gaul which sank in the Barents Sea in 1974 and whose case was re-opened in 2004.
The public was led to believe that the death of Dr Kelly would be investigated more rigorously by the Hutton Inquiry than by a coroner.
Lord Hutton
Coroner Nicholas Gardiner
Conclusion: Lord Hutton's inquiry ended while the judge was still taking evidence from witnesses. Coroner Nicholas Gardiner, right, refused to say whether he was ‘either happy or unhappy’ that an inquest he opened was indefinitely adjourned
But it is now clear that the opposite was in fact true - for Hutton lacked the powers of a coroner. He could not hear evidence under oath; he could not subpoena witnesses; he could not call a jury; and he could not aggressively cross-examine witnesses.
Astonishingly, on August 18, less than three weeks into the Hutton Inquiry, which opened on August 1, Dr Kelly’s death certificate was mysteriously completed and the cause of his death officially registered as haemorrhage.
Put another way, five weeks before the Hutton Inquiry ended on September 24, 2003, and while the judge was still taking evidence about Dr Kelly’s death from witnesses, the official record of the cause of death was written and the case effectively closed.
Misleadingly, the death certificate states an inquest did take place on August 14 - even though we now know no inquest actually happened. And extraordinarily, though it bears the signature of the registrar, it is not signed by either a doctor or a coroner as every death certificate should be.
Dr Kelly was discovered on Harrowdown Hill, next to woodland at the top centre left of the picture
Dr Michael Powers QC, a former coroner and an expert in coroner’s law who is working to secure a full and proper inquest, said: ‘This death certificate is evidence of a failure properly to examine the cause of Dr Kelly’s death. It is evidence of a pre-judgment of the issue. In a coroner’s inquest the cause of death would not be registered until the whole inquiry had been completed. As we see here, the cause of death was registered before the Hutton Inquiry had finished.
‘This is remarkable. To my mind it is evidence that the inquiry into Dr Kelly’s death was window-dressing because the conclusion had already been determined.’
Since January 2004 a group of doctors has worked unstintingly for a fresh inquest to be held into David Kelly’s death because of the blatant shortcomings of the Hutton Inquiry.
They are radiologist Stephen Frost, trauma surgeon David Halpin, vascular surgeon Martin Birnstingl, epidemiologist Andrew Rouse and internal medicine specialist
Christopher Burns-Cox. Their investigations have raised many doubts about the widespread assumption that Dr Kelly killed himself.
A letter they wrote to the Press in January 2004 marked the first time anyone had raised the possibility in the mainstream media of Dr Kelly’s death not being a suicide.
In 2009 they spent almost a year researching and writing a medical report which disputes Hutton’s assertion that Dr Kelly died from haemorrhage after severing the ulnar artery in his left wrist. The doctors argued that the wounds to Dr Kelly’s left wrist would not have caused him to bleed to death.
In January this year they discovered that Lord Hutton made the extraordinary 70-year gagging order. 
Since then they have asked via their lawyers Leigh Day & Co to see the classified records, but under the last Labour Government, the Ministry of Justice - the department which holds them - repeatedly denied them access in the run-up to the last General Election. No reason was given.
Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, who in 2007 wrote a book suggesting that Dr Kelly was murdered, used the Freedom of Information Act in January to apply to the Ministry of Justice to see the records. 
British police officers guard a road leading to Harrowdown Hill near the home of Dr Kelly in Oxfordshire
His request was also denied. Using section 41 of the Act - known as an ‘absolute exemption’ - the ministry said it was not obliged to reveal the information.
Mr Baker, now a transport minister in the coalition government, has appealed against this decision. But he and the group of doctors are not the only ones who harbour suspicions about a cover-up of Dr Kelly’s death. 
Only last month one of the doctors, David Halpin, received an anonymous and carefully worded letter from someone claiming to be a relative of a former colleague of David Kelly’s at the Ministry of Defence. 
The correspondent said Kelly’s colleagues were ‘warned off’ attending his funeral - presumably by MoD officials, although this is not made explicit.
Similarly, in his recently published book ‘The End Of The Party’, the political  commentator Andrew Rawnsley (who has close links with the Labour high command) claims that Geoff Hoon, Defence Secretary at the time of Kelly’s death, was so furious about being removed by Tony Blair as Leader of the House of Commons in May 2006 that he wrote out a resignation statement.
According to Rawnsley, ‘he planned to make a speech about the [David] Kelly affair that he told friends could trigger the instant downfall of the Prime Minister’. 
Frustratingly, there are no more details in Rawnsley’s book about what Hoon was referring to - but Hoon visited Dr Kelly’s widow shortly after his death and has never publicly denied this explosive charge.
Equally inexplicable is the attitude of Dr Nicholas Hunt, the forensic pathologist who attended the scene when Dr Kelly’s body was found on Harrowdown Hill.
Dr Hunt’s duty as forensic pathologist is to help uphold the rule of law. In March 2004, after the Hutton Report was published, Dr Hunt contacted Channel 4 News and said he thought a full coroner’s inquest should be held.
Yet mysteriously, he says now that - despite contacting the TV station - he has ‘maintained a silence on this [matter] on behalf of the [Kelly] family for a very long time’.
Tragic: Dr David Kelly's grave
Tragic: Dr David Kelly's grave at St Mary's church in Longworth, Oxfordshire. Several doctors argued that the wounds to his left wrist would not have caused him to bleed to death
Adding further to the case for a proper inquest is a new fascinating claim by a woman who has also worked closely with the doctors and helped Norman Baker with his book.
Rowena Thursby, a former publishing executive who became fascinated with the case and started looking into it, told us that Dr Kelly’s widow, Janice, admitted to her that on the night Dr Kelly was reported missing in July 2003 - but hours before his body was found -Thames Valley Police asked her and her daughters to leave their house and wait in the garden.
It later emerged that while the Kellys were outside, officers stripped wallpaper from their sitting room. Why would they have done that? Could they have been ‘sweeping’ his property for listening devices?
It is certainly a possibility. Despite the fact that the Labour government patronisingly dismissed him as a ‘Walter Mitty character’ and nothing more than a middle ranking
official in the Ministry of Defence, Dr Kelly was arguably the world’s pre-eminent expert on biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.
We have established that he had access to the highest levels of the security services and was cleared to see the most highly classified intelligence.
The claim that police removed wallpaper from his house has never been confirmed or denied by Thames Valley Police — they refuse to make any comments about the Kelly case.
All these new revelations add weight to the list of unanswered questions surrounding Dr Kelly’s death, such as why were no fingerprints found on the knife with which he allegedly killed himself — even though he wore no gloves.
As with the extraordinary details of the helicopter search, this vital information was only obtained using the Freedom of Information Act almost five years after the Hutton
Inquiry ended. It was not heard at the inquiry.
The doctors insist that concern about Dr Kelly’s death will continue to deepen until a full coroner’s inquest is heard. If one is finally granted, many will expect Tony Blair and Lord Falconer to be called to explain under oath why they went to such lengths to avoid the normal, rigorous and respected course of this country’s law.
Until this happens their reputations will continue to suffer, as will the reputation of the British legal system. The unavoidable conclusion must be that a full coroner’s inquest is the only way the whole truth about the Kelly affair, however uncomfortable, will emerge.
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The consensus of opinion is that there has been a tremendous cover-up by the last non-government. What is needed - for the country and for Dr. Kelly's family most of all - is a thorough and truthful investigation into this man's demise. Enough of the nuliebour whitewash. The truth MUST come out.
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the fact that we can seriously consider that there is something to hide is terrifying. We are implying that the labour government would go to these lengths to twist the truth. What is really shocking is that many of us think it is quite plausible that they did.
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The Labour government of the day should stand trial.
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Dr Kelly's death is one very good reason why Blair has aged twenty years since 2003. The stress tells plus the rest of the sorry story two wars that have bankrupted the country. All the published facts just do not add up. Dig further the truth will suffice in the end.
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This article makes a compelling case for there to be a genuine, under-oath coroner's inquest into Dr. Kelly's death. Presumably, Dominic Grieve and Ken Clarke are working on the case and preparing to move on it when they are certain they have all the evidence now available to them, short of the actual inquest. And I would think those in the ministries involved who still believe in truth and justice and the rule of law will be forthcoming about what they know now. The Kelly case could trigger the ethical cleansing and institutional revitalization Britain and my own native country, the U.S., so desperately need.
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I agree with this article thoroughly a full coroners inquest NOW. Dr Kelly was a servant of the British People and all accounts are that he did us proud in that capacity, at the very least he would want his family to know the truth as surely as that was his job...seeking forensic truths about WMD. It is my view that every soldier who died in Iraq or was injured, every service man and woman who works for us are being held in some kind of a morale and moral limbo while this remains unknown and unknowing.
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The Mail and those pursuing this case are doing a great public service. There must now be a coroner's inquest with witnesses compelled to give evidence on oath, including Blair and Campbell.
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This matter must not be laid to rest until the truth has been established through correct legal procedures- i.e. an inquest. This Government has the opportunity to get to the clear truth and act accordingly,even if it means prosecutions at the very heart of Government.
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Dr Kelly has been proven to be right about WMDs - a fact that the government at the time indubitably knew, or at least sections of it, right to the top. The hounding of David Kelly and the press regarding his opinions and dissemention of them marked the most publicly dishonourable episode ever witnessed in this country. Particularly in view of the fiasco which was taking place in Iraq and continues to do so - an invasion of sovereign territory and the rape of a land and its culture with motivations of extremely dubious nature. The death of thousands of innocents. I could not at the time understand why several government ministers were not impeached, and still do not understand. The handling of this matter has a l w a y s been outside the terms of the laws of this country. Its time this man and his family had justice.
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"Until this happens their reputations will continue to suffer, as will the reputation of the British legal system." In my view neither Blair nor Falconer had a reputation worthy of mention from the day they achieved power. We could start by making New Labour a proscribed organisation as the current shadow cabinet share the same evil intent to feather their own nests and damn the electorate or the country.
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God bless you Dr David Kelly and may you rest in peace. I have voted labour all my life because I am far to working class not to, but on that note I would like to say that I dearly hope Ex Priminister Blair and his band of weekling men (all those who lost there voices)get their commuppance, allbeit in this life or the next. It is very scary indeed that those you put your trust in and give powers to can act in such a callous manner. Truth will out.
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The public already believe that a cover up was official Labour policy surrounding the death of Dr Kelly's death. The Hutton 'enquiry' findings only heightened this suspicion.
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This and many other things will come back to haunt Blair and his cronies for years to come. But it will all come out in the end.
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The death of David Kelly has always seemed very suspect. A public enquiry is required here. If all is above board and Dr Kelly did commit suicide, then at last he will be at peace.
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There has to be a full Inquest if only to reassure us all of the transparency of Justice.
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As soon as the news of Dr Kelly's death broke you just had to think Mmm something dodgy here.
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Callan. Liverpool. I agree that Bliar & Campbell should give evidence under oath. But I still wouldn`t trust either to actually tell the truth, even under oath.
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I am sure this was just the tip of an ugly iceberg. But it should be pursued.
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I do believe that there is something really sinister about the Kelly affair......
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we as a nation have a duty for the truth to out.
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we as a nation have a duty for the truth to out.
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High time a public enquiry was held into the circumstances surrounding David Kelly's death.
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Will this be an open and transparent enquiry?
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I totally agree. The true facts must be revealed.
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I hope Mr Cameron will make sure that a full investigation is now held and that all secreted documents appertaining to the death of Doctor Kelly are relesed!
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I only hope that this case is fully re-examined and the files opened by the new government. Ken Clark, you are an honourable man, do the right thing. Norman Baker, you are the only non-Tory I have ever voted for & if I still lived in Lewes, I would still vote for you. You are what every MP should aim to be. Open & honest.
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I hope that the Crown Prosecution Service does not poke it's nose into an enquiry.
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This whole affair has stunk since day 1.
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The evidence for a proper inquest is overwhelming and the fact that so many steps were taken away from the normal handling of a death is extremely disturbing.
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Rest in Peace, Dr.Kelly. You may still get justice yet.
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I feel so sorry for Dr Kelly's widow, who will never have peace.
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Come on Hoon, Be a decent man, and for the sake of Dr.Kellys family, speak up RIP Dr.Kelly
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I wouldn't trust either Blair or the odious Campbell to tell the truth - even under oath. Remember their "performances" at the Chilcot enquiry anyone? Blair behaved like a third rate actor and Campbell - in between tantrums and tearful do's - was his usual obnoxious self.
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'Justice Secretary Ken Clarke and Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who have the power to undo Hutton’s 70-year gagging order and demand a coroner’s inquest into Dr Kelly’s death, are poised to re-open the case...' The case stinks and always did of political interference and wrongdoing. Something rotten at the heart of of the Labour government? We knew that anyway. Keep up the pressure!!
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Perhaps the inquiry should extend to find out who convinced Blair to join in the invasion of Iraq. His main reason seems to be WMD and following 9/11 the line Bush took that Iraq was at the centre of world terror. Both of these turned out to be false and Dr. Kelly could have quashed the WMD claim. The truth may well be out there but will we ever be told?
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Well done Dr Kelly,!! even from beyond the grave you are a stronger man than they ever will be. Let's hope we live to see justice done. Mr Bliar, are you getting worried??.
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I have always thought there was something strange about this case. Nothing added up at all. I hope this new government orders an inquest asap. But can you honestly say Blair or any serving MP at the time, who may be called, would actually tell the truth. It's an absolute disgrace to this country.
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Further too, the speculation of Thames Valley removing wallpaper from the said property would suggest removal of a blood spatter pattern i.e. the cutting of the wrist which again would suggest either being taken away for examination but then you would leave it in situ for phorensics which concludes a cover up as the body was obvioulsy moved to the woods!!!!
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This Country, without total 'TRUTH, HONESTY and LOYALTY', at all times, by those who are given the privilege of GOVERNING(?) us - and also the AUTHORATIVE bodies they control, this Country, seemingly by Political desire and devious means has very quickly - from its World-wide status now, thanks mainly due to new Labour, and, no doubt, ably assisted by / with EU and 'general UK internal Political interference' has now become 'as of nothing' on the World political stage - as we see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The future certainly looks bleak for us under the EU - must surely be time for 'outing' ourselves in the name of PROGRESS - by HUMANE MEANS, while there is still a chance?????????????
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We have to ask what sort of society we live in , Dr Kelley was one of about 100 micro-biologists who have died in mysterious circumstances since early this Century . Add to that the unexplained deaths in the USA since 911 of people who opposed the Patriot act or war (Senator Paul Wellstone and all his family to name but one event), Anthrax made at US military labs sent to dissenting politicians and such events as Timothy Hampton a British nuclear energy expert working on disarming Iran who plunged 40 metres to his death at the UN building in Vienna and it doesn't end there. These events are not isolated and Dr Kelly's death needs investigating to find out just who is orchestrating the wider agenda of political manipulation enforced it appears by death squads. Sadly when you look at the new Government it is still tied to the same rich powerbrokers that Labour was and who pays the piper usually calls the tune - not much hope of ever getting to the truth when the fix is already in.
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I sincerely hope that this matter is resolved before any of the team who were complicit in David Kelly's apparent suicide are able to shuffle off out of harm's way. Along the way, it might be an idea for Ken Clarke to consider repealing the amendments to the Treason law, just in case it might come in handy.
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" Oh ! What a Tangled Web we weave , When first we practice to Deceive" A quote from..... Sir Walter Scott. And how true this may prove to be.
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Hutton, hang your head in shame - Everything about your conduct in this whole affair stinks - Thats why you will forever be known as Lord Whitewash.
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One of many,many cover ups ,no doubt... Let Blair be brought before the courts...It is the least he deserves.... I would love to see this man brought to nook for the damage and disaster he caused ....To the familes he decimated , for the havoc he wreaked.....
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The stench of the New Labour administration will stay with us for decades. There does not exist a group more arrogant in their self belief than lawyers and no generation so self obsessed as the Baby Boomers. This was a government dominated by Baby Boomer lawyers. Add to this their Anglophobic self loathing, instilled by an education and media establishment dominated by champagne Marxists and our slide into decadence and disorder was inevitable. In past generations many would have stood trial for treason. They destroyed the faith the British had in their political class for generations, if not forever.
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Tony Bliar not telling the truth, who'd ' ave believed that? (ME).
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There ae few things I feel passionate about but this is one of them. The coincidences are too much. He knew what the government did not want the public to know. Now we have a new government this matter must be dealt with. Call it cleaning house if you like. Dr. David Kelly, his widow, his children, family and associates have a fundamental RIGHT to know the truth. Let our new government show it means to tell the truth to the electorate no matter how painful. No one is above the law even Blair, Falconer and Campbell. If they are responsible so be it . Let the trials begin!! Forgoodness sake someone take up the challenge and get to the truth so that Dr. Kelly can rest in peace How about every one who reads this sending an email to their MP demanding that the case be reopened and thoroughly examinedi public!!!!. I mourn and weep for my country. Joan
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The plot thickens, there might be a chance as yet to get the last government on charges of Crimes against humanity, and the British people.
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I find it inexplicable that there hasn't been a public outcry over this. An eminent scientist dies in mysterious circumstances and the records are sealed for 70 years. The family remain silent- presumably on the orders of intelligence services. This is a shameful episode in our recent history and the truth needs to come out.
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A murderer serving life gets £44k for poor dental care and Dr Kelly lies cold and angry in his grave. These stark realities show the absurdity of our legal system and the manner in which it works. Political power is surrounded by an evil machine that can destroy any one of us in an instant. It saddens me that we have members of our society that are prepared to act out instructions from above without question. THe treatment of Dr Kelly was abominable, even if it was suidicide. They have the audacity to call it the Home Office, a home is where you can feel protected and safe, but not in this country nor probably any other.
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Blaire is a religious person. That being the case he knows the consequences of committing such sin if these kind of stories are true. Either that or he was incredibly stupid not to know what was going on. In a kind of warped way the fact he is a "peace envoy" in the middle east must be some kind of pennace, and make him an ongoing target for radicalists. Who would want to be spending the rest of their political lives in such a situation?. I always thought Blaire was more suited to foreign affairs anyway. Lets not forget though the good he did, like brokering the peace deal in Northern Ireland. of course his palce in history will always be the last worst thing he did, to lead our country into an illegal and unnecessary war in Iraq. AS for this story about Dr Kelly we have already had the Hutton enquiry, but I cannot remember if anything was said about Dr Kelly in the questionsing of Mr Blaire et al. Guess that means it was not a conspiracy after all....
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Tony, While your'e over there with your Buddies ( Good Ol' Boys ) Ask them how they managed to make Jimmy Hoffa disappear ? Wasn't he also a political embarrassment ? This one will not go away Tony ! I hope extradition is still legal from U.S. See Ya soon Tony !
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This affair stunk from the start and despite great efforts from the morally corrupt labour regime it still stinks!The new government should get to truth.We would all like to know how far Blair went to justify the war.Dr Kelly's family deserve the truth regarding the death of this apparently honourable man.
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The death of Dr David Kelly was my biggest concern about the last Government, it was very sinister.
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I know - it was aliens came down in a spacecraft and did it - about as likely as most of the twaddle being peddled here!
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One of many,many cover ups ,no doubt... Let Blair be brought before the courts...It is the least he deserves.... I would love to see this man brought to nook for the damage and disaster he caused ....To the familes he decimated , for the havoc he wreaked..... - lebedeff, Budapest, 26/6/2010 10:17 I most whole heartedly second that. Stripped of his ill gotten gains as well. Let's not let the rest of them off the hook either. Brown and the rest of Blair's crooked inner circle.
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In the words of the last Government that they used to promote ID cards "If you have nothing to hide,then you have nothing to fear" This should be used to get ALL the details public and if the last Government have anything to fear then I expect to see Tony Blair and those who headed the operation with regards to the whole David Kelly affair in a court answering charges by a Judge who is not tainted by politics,who still believes the law is blind and goes where the evidence leads him/her. This whole episode stinks of very dodgy politics and those persons who sneak around in the shadows. I find it hard to swallow that several of our weapons inspectors have died in recent years with unexplained circumstances. The obvious one is David Kelly,but there are also 2 others that have met their deaths in suspicious circumstances whilst dealing with the Iran problem.
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its time tony blair was in court about this cover up----or will he pay is wayout of trouble--not much of a catholic i would say
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If anyone thinks for a moment that no British Government would have someone done-away with they are kidding themselves. They have the manpower to do it and you will pass those people in the streets and not notice them. They are known as "The Increment" in secret circles. They do the Government-of-the-day`s dirty-work for them.
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No matter how much we cry out for justice for David Kelly and his family the government machine had it's way under labour so scared were they that the truth about WMD would be revealed and that we were not under threat of a 45 minute warning. Blair and his cohorts aka Falcolner who bought the dome for a measily sum and that attorney general Goldsmith knew the story, they were part of it. I shall never as long as I live forget Mr Kelly's face at that trumped up inquiry and the absolute devastation mirrored upon it. It is right and proper that the new coalition government get to the heart of this and put on trial the wrongdoers.
Click to rate     Rating   50
The bottom line is...who, if anybody, will end up in the dock charged with murder?
Click to rate     Rating   39
I've always considered this to be a murder and coverup at the highest level, and think even David Kelly expected this, when he commented that he would probably be found dead in the woods. Why anyone would interpret this comment as a statement about suicide is beyond me. I did complain to my MP in the wake of the 70 year gagging order, but was fobbed off with the usual "it's to save the Kelly family from upset" line.
Click to rate     Rating   52
Have always believed that Dr. Kelly was the victim of foul play - there should be a full scale public inquiry into the events surrounding his death and charges made!
Click to rate     Rating   47
I've always thought this stunk to high heaven. After Dr Kelly went missing, I watched the news avidly. On the day he was found, Meridian reported on the lunch time news -that Dr Kelly had been found & two paramedics who attended the scene said he was proped against a tree with 'moniters' attached to his body. This to me was a very strange statement - did he attach them himself to let himself know he'd killed himself? Who then got to him & attached them before the paramedics arrived? And if that was the case - who would be out walking & think to take such equipment? When hubby got in from work, I told him what had been reported & we both looked at each other in disbelief - so we both made sure to watch the afternoon news - sure enough it was repeated exactly as on the lunch time bulletin. But after that day - those reported 'facts' were never mentioned again - even though the case was mulled over time & time again. I happened to be on a forum shortly after and said pretty much the same
Click to rate     Rating   47
This is a truly appalling episode of British history - whatever facts finally emerge from these long-awaited investigations. It appears to be a damning indictment of Tony Blair and his cronies. The truth will come out, hopefully in court, and before much longer.
Click to rate     Rating   48
The establishment will not allow the truth about Dr david kelly to be revealed.We must dispense with the notion that goverments be they left or right have any power or influence.That is the illusion of democracy they want us to believe in.Who are they,these Puppet Masters,they are the people who own the world and have always owned it.
Click to rate     Rating   21
Continued......... When right out of the blue a complete stranger started to post and became really evil in reply to my postings. It was if whoever it was was trying to hush me up - but I stood my ground & reiterated the facts. Told him as he'd called me a liar to go & check with Meridian about the 2 news items. He finally came back - but still tried to make out, I was lying. Said it was a mistake by the paramedics etc. any old excuse or coverup to try & get me to say I was mistaken.He was so forceful, that if I'd only been the one to see it - I might just have backed down - he was that convincing. Talk about men in black coats - he never appeared on that forum again. Oh! and those two paramedics disappeared - never to be seen again! I'd have thought what they said on TV would have been crucial in the enquiry.... I have thought since - if I had been Mrs Kelly, I know whatever threats had been put to me - I would have spoken out if only for my husbands sake.
Click to rate     Rating   32
Come on Hoon, Be a decent man, and for the sake of Dr.Kellys family, speak up RIP Dr.Kelly - L.Hall, Kettering, Northamptonshire, 26/6/2010 9:35 L.Hall. Can you really expect any of the previous government to be a decent person??? The majority were all totally without honour, integrity or decency. I would like to believe that your plea will be acted upon, but I honestly don't think it will be. Still, we live in hope.
Click to rate     Rating   55
Cont page 3. As I said, had it been my hubby - whatever threats were made - I would have had to speak out. So are we dealing with a double bluff here. Is Dr Kelly alive & well & living it up in a safe house/safe country somewhere. We all were told he was a sensitive man & didn't like the betrayal of his so called informant. Perhaps he was offered a better option............
Click to rate     Rating   106
Anyone who disagrees with the account from the labour government is a Tory and ways can be found to, retrain their thoughts, they have the means. Mr Blair the great leader and Mr Cambell and Mr Mandelsohn spoke the truth. Mr Kelly was just unfortunate and we had better accept that, in 70years the youngest voter will be 88 and will anyone care apart from Mr Kelly's grandchildren. An enquiry will tarnish the memory of the great leader Blair and also Cambell and Mandy. Reputations and earnings are at stake all for the sake of a dead man, this was more important to labour.
Click to rate     Rating   115
Let's fast forward.... You want to know the outcome of another inquiry into this ? Well.... hold onto your hats... here it is.... The man killed himself.... simple as that. Don't feel too bad... there's always another nutty conspiracy theory around every corner.....
Click to rate     Rating   204
Funny isn't it that now the NuLieBour is out of power how much 'smelly stuff' is coming to light, how many other things did NuLieBour hide, Maybe its time Gormless, TBLiar and the rest of the powerabusers were bought in front of a legal panal to start explaining some of their actions, After Dr Kelly, they might like to try and justify the sacrifice of British Service people in all the actions LieBour sent them to, the push for the intergration into the Socialist Republic of Europe, the unlimited immigration, Human rights act and the rest of the C**P they foistered on the British People
Click to rate     Rating   48
It is rumoured that Lord Hutton was appointed by Mandleson. Enough said.
Click to rate     Rating   63
Liebours NKVD and The Blair Stasi State at work again...........
Click to rate     Rating   47
I don’t believe in ghosts, fairies or alien abductions. I do believe that that when you calmly and rationally consider the facts surrounding this case the verdict of suicide becomes more unlikely as the days go on. When Hutton’s questionably legal gagging is lifted or runs out I believe the verdict will be changed to at least death by misadventure or by persons unknown. As memories fade what will be missing from consideration are the atmospherics of the time. At that time we had rabid, foul mouthed spin doctors tearing down establishments and demanding the heads of anyone who challenged the myths they were trying to create. The BBC was emasculated for telling the truth and a million people who marched in various protests against the waste of human life were ignored. At that time a lots of those in the intelligence agencies who had supported Bliar were desperately trying to avoid prosecution for collusion in war crimes. Was he murdered? I think so.
Click to rate     Rating   76
Come on Daily Mail, get a campaign going. It would put the MP,s expenses in the shade.
Click to rate     Rating   68
This is the ideal way for David Cameron to show that he means what he says about openness - he should overturn the 70 year ban on opening the records and make the findings on Dr Kelly's death totally public. I do not accept the verdict of suicide, and I think it's an outrage that Dr. Kelly's own family have been excluded from knowing the truth. There can be no reason for this secrecy unless there's a coverup involved, with the aim of protecting someone very senior. I hope there are people out there who are currently quaking in their boots at the possibility of a re-opening of the case.
Click to rate     Rating   63
I BEG anyone that has the power to,to make sure, as soon as possible, that there is a full coroners inquest into Dr Kellys untimely death! Never has a public servant been treated so abysmally, and also his distraught family! Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve are for an inquest, so please now do something about it A.S.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Click to rate     Rating   61
if you are one of those people who belive he commited suicide then you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden aswell
Click to rate     Rating   57
Let's hope for Just ONCE justice prevails and not the slippery,dishonest liar Blair!
Click to rate     Rating   92
Thank you for this excellent article into an almost-forgotten tragedy. I recall watching the slimeball Blair on TV at the time dismissing poor David Kelly in his usual smarmy, self-important manner, while an interview with Dr. Kelly showed a haggard and deeply worried man. I literally cried when I heard that Kelly had supposedly killed himself, a victim of the worst kind of institutionalised bullying, for which Blair should have resigned if he had a shred of honour. Of course, the disgusting little creep hasn't, and so he goes on to collect millions, no doubt hoping that David Kelly will be forgotten. The idea that Dr. Kelly was actually murdered is appalling and the case needs to be investigated fully ASAP. Congratulations to all those who have pursued this matter, and please keep up the good work.
Click to rate     Rating   95
Enough enquiries! Enough 'redaction'. Enough filtering of the information. Just put it all in the public domain so we can see how the state has acted in our name with our money. Only in the knowledge that their actions will be documented properly, and released properly, will the state act properly.
Click to rate     Rating   50
Having seen what happened to this poor man. If I were one of the witnesses involved in the clear up and the false documentation, I should be very worried for fear for my life. So, tell someone quick son, you may never get a chance if you don't. And you at least will get protection. How to do. Contact Cameron..The new labour leader .And tell a US official. Writing details, registering details. Go to France and wait for a contact . Your only chance. Do it.
Click to rate     Rating   34
I am British. I don't live there anymore for obvious reasons. I DO want justice to be done. Yes open an inquiry as soon as possible (before it's covered up again) Pamela.
Click to rate     Rating   73
I'm ex security. reviewed this case in depth. Dr Kelly was murdered. Likeliest cause was partly, an Iraqi hit group who had sworn to silence troublemakers. But, this group might have acted with another group in UK. Quite wrongly, Kelly was 'outed ' That put him in extreme danger and those who 'outed' him should be punished. One point I have kept making ever since the sexed up documents. Labour never took up my point. Campbell was never security cleared to see any documents including the ones he penned 17 amendments to. He bullied JIC head, John Scarlett into the changes. Who was Campbell liaising with? Blair? Later, Blair promoted Scarlett into a job for which he was neither eligible or even, on the shortlist. Seniors in MI 5 at the time were privately aghast. I for one will keep pushing for the truth to come out.
Click to rate     Rating   91
It is suddenly possible that a government were complicit in a crime and that crime MURDER -nobody has been charged but the people of this country have grave doubts as to the reported suicide and can contemplate such previously preposterous conclusion. At the risk of being a conspiracy theorist nutcase I still am not convinced by the Dianna outcome --if the nulab government can get away with what they have then they surely could have had involvement in Diannas death . She after all threatened the establishment in many ways not least by undermining (no pun intended) the landmine trade she was fighting against. There are things afoot in this world that we are not awake to. Try Zeitgeist just for one eye opener.
Click to rate     Rating   69
At last we might get to the truth!
Click to rate     Rating   93
Mrs Kelly and her family were content with the outcome of the inquiry and do not want the tragedy reopened. But as there's money in it for the journalists they don't care what the Kelly family want. And what if there is a new inquiry and it finds that the Hutton Inquiry came to a correct conclusion, would those who have commented here be happy with the decision or scream whitewash?
Click to rate     Rating   237
My opinion, Dr. David Kelly was bumped off. Now find the persons responsible, Let justice be done.
Click to rate     Rating   151
There were over one million of us protesting in London prior to the UK going to war in Iraq but the government took no notice whatsoever. To this day we do not understand the motive. As was later declared, regime change was the reason but then why select Iraq when the world is littered with injustice and brutal forms of governance. In International law, regime change is illegal anyway. This dreadful affair involving Dr. Kelly further deepens the mystery as to why we joined the US in attacking Iraq. It was not for oil as oil producers need to sell their oil as much as consumers need to buy it. The last 13 years have been a disaster for the UK in every way and heads do need to fall, albeit retrospectively.
Click to rate     Rating   145
Dr David Kelly and his family deserve justice and the truth over his death.For us as a country to stand by if there has been any sort of cover up shames us all.As a fair and caring nation we must all insist that this case is re-opened and the truth established once and for all.If lies have been told and Dr Kelly was indeed murdered then those involved at whatever level in attempting to conceal this must be brought to justice.No one has the right to trample over this county's history of fair play,no one.
Click to rate     Rating   115
stars and stripes! look no further
Click to rate     Rating   19
Of the 85 comments currently displayed here, around 83 believe that Dr.Kelly was murdered or at least he didn't commit suicide against around 2 who think this is a nut case conspiracy. These reactions seem to represent the general public consensus. We must have justice.
Click to rate     Rating   60
if only
Click to rate     Rating   39
Tony? Tony! Where are you?
Click to rate     Rating   66
I doubt we will ever get to the bottom of this - or the truth be told. But wouldn't it be good if a miracle happened & Blair, Hoon, Mandleson etc., were put to the ultimate test & given lie dectectors. Don't know about weapons of mass destruction - I'm sure they would blow those machines sky high. Dr Kelly committing suicide just doesn't wash - he was looking forward that year to walking one of his beloved daughters down the aisle. He was a scientist he just would not choose that route to die by. Logic. Can't help remembering Burrells words - when the Queen was supposed to have told him, there are dark forces out there & things we have no conception of. (Or words to that effect.) And why didn't we hear anymore from his American friends - who stoutledly stood up for him & told us he would not have acted that way. So many unanswered questions - not only stinks but shows a rotten to the core liabore government.
Click to rate     Rating   112
Why a 70 year D-Notice? That in itself is suspicious.
Click to rate     Rating   124
We all know he was killed, Blair must have authorised it.
Click to rate     Rating   131
The article speculates that police removed wallpaper from his house because they were ‘sweeping’ his property for listening devices? Could they have been looking for blood spatter.??
Click to rate     Rating   79
"secretly classified so as not to be made public for 70 years." Tells you quite clearly that something is being hidden & that the investigation should be reopened.
Click to rate     Rating   51

- Arkley Barnet a road sign in outer suburbia., Still here, 26/6/2010 12:29 You fools, I'm on your side just didn't make it very clear, now I'm all red. I was being silly on an important subject, I agree he was murdered. The man was murdered and the Labour Government didn't care or want to tell us, we need to know. I'll probably be found by the spooks and made an example of, ok clear now. I hold my white flag up in surrender like poor David Kelly had to do and he was still murdered.
Click to rate     Rating   21
I agree the Labour government of the day should stand trial and not only for this episode.
Click to rate     Rating   45
I am not one for conspiracy theories - Princess Diana died in a car accident - but Dr David Kelly was murdered. The poor man was treated shamefully when he was interrogated by the Select Committee and he was bullied by the most powerful people in this country. I sense that he was an honourable man and he probably felt the lowest he has ever been. BUT he knew the truth about the weapons of mass destruction and I'm sure he would have weathered the storm. He loved his family and one of his daughters was getting married - he wouldn't have walked out on them.
Click to rate     Rating   42
And what if there is a new inquiry and it finds that the Hutton Inquiry came to a correct conclusion, would those who have commented here be happy with the decision or scream whitewash? - Phloppster, Pembs, 26/6/2010 14:22 Inquiry? That's the point Let there be a proper INQUEST where witnesses are called and the law is upheld. Let people involved be on oath. Until then this will not go away.
Click to rate     Rating   34
No Coronors report, no inquest, a blocking order, no detection by helicopter at time estimated time of death, wall paper removed with no explanation. Dr Kelly had no medical history of any mental disorder, no indication to his wife when he left the house for a walk that indicated any problem. What motive for murder, who would gain. Who other than Britain and America wanted Iraq invaded. Mosad comes to mind. Watch this space.
Click to rate     Rating   30
Click to rate     Rating   40
Justice Secretary Ken Clarke and Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who have the power to undo Hutton’s 70-year gagging order and demand a coroner’s inquest into Dr Kelly’s death, are poised to re-open the case so don't prevaricate just do it!!
Click to rate     Rating   71
There is once certainty in life. However long it takes the truth will out. After that if they are still alive those responsible will be obliged to pay their own personal obligation and hopefully spend a considerable time in a prison cell. Nobody is so high that they can escape the final retribution.
Click to rate     Rating   163
This didn't sit right with me from the outset, so many inconsistencies about his death and dismissive answers to questions asked.
Click to rate     Rating   183
When is that man going to face justice and be put on trial for this and the damage he has done to this country, which now seems to belong to everyone else apart from those whose ancestors fought and died for it?
Click to rate     Rating   204
Surely this is the standard pratice of all governments,to hide from the people any malpractice or corrupte dealing.It works because laws are made and ignored by the same people who may have something to hide,any MP police ,military,legal or similar person who has a sense of justice have to decide if it is worth losing their job, pension and having a character assassination job fone on them if they blow the whistle
Click to rate     Rating   126
And nothing here about the announcement of his death by the police (later denied) BEFORE he was "found" dead. (Oops) And nothing about a powerful secret services radio signals post set up in Dr Kelly's garden - again, before he was found dead. It was a radio signal that couldn't be intercepted. Why was this needed? And why were the ONLY messages known to be sent from it, to Tony Blair updating him on events, while he was in his government plane, on an overseas mission? And nothing about a female colleague of Dr Kelly's who was mysteriously found dead, having "jumped" through her bedroom window, apparently having been warned off. She called someone to say if she was found dead to report her fears. That person has also been shut up. This whole saga stinks to high heaven, and BLAIR is one stinky fish in the centre. That seventy year gag order should be lifted forthwith before any witnesses are disappeared.
Click to rate     Rating   279
Like so many here I'm not much for conspiracy theories but come on this stinks and everyone will continue to believe that Blair and his cronies were behind it until we have a full and proper inquest. This is too important to be ignored any longer, Cameron should tell them to get on with it and get to the bottom of it. There has been no justice here and we will not get it until we have an inquest
Click to rate     Rating   242
The interrogation of david kelly was an absoluter disgrace. He was treated with no respect and to me they just treated him as a common criminal. His suicide was far too convenient for blair and his cronies. Hopefully at last the truth will be known the sooner the better. Just get on with it. This was an honourable man and deserves better.
Click to rate     Rating   13
Really, there is nothing suspicious here. Drummers in rock bands have a high mortality rate as do microbilogists. It's simply statistical. People who smoke die younger, simply statistical, no reason. Why bother looking for a reason. All you nutters who think that they used WMD to start a war with Iran are off your trollies. It's been explained that Sadam was a very nasty man, what more reason do you need? And we know they had WMD because they removed all trace of them before they were discovered. Clear proof of guilt!
Click to rate     Rating   16
Oh dear. The US has its 9/11 "truthers" and we have our own conspiracy theorists here about poor Dr Kelly. And it was Lord Hutton himself who said he was happy for the group of doctors to see the medical records, including the post-mortem report and photographs. Not much of a cover up really if you allow those alleging it to see the evidence.
Click to rate     Rating   20
RIP Dr Kelly, I hope your family have found some peace in the last few years. I hope Blair and Campbell never find any peace, how these vile, awful men sleep at night beats me... thinking of the thousands of bave troops who have died becouse these of two vile men..
Click to rate     Rating   9
Nothing significant about the statement “found “ dead on the certificate, where the exact place of death is not witnessed or verifiable. Removal of wallpaper would suggest a forensic motive, or to search for or reveal a known hidden element. It’s highly likely that Doc Kelly was simultaneously being monitored and protected; whilst also the target of various groups. The most effective 'hit' being where doubt is cast, allowing the perpetrators to lay suspicion at the door of the opposition or the enemy. The question being, who got to him first, and last.
Click to rate     Rating   2
And what if there is a new inquiry and it finds that the Hutton Inquiry came to a correct conclusion, would those who have commented here be happy with the decision or scream whitewash? ----- Bloody Sunday enquiry changed the conclusion. Soldiers did shoot unarmed protesters as they fled from the gunfire. But them we all knew that anyway. However the verdict was a surprise. It would not surprise me if a new enquiry takes 38 years. I think most people accept the government is corrupt. I think most of us are amazed by Camerons openness. The fact that his lips move and he seems to be telling the truth is more than I can handle. If he instigates an enquiry that finds that Dr Kelly was murdered I will have to question my own sanity. I am so used to everything they do being a big lie that I will be wondering what the big thing is they are hiding if they let the little things like Dr Kelly and Bloody Sunday slip out.
Click to rate     Rating   6
Let's fast forward.... You want to know the outcome of another inquiry into this ? Well.... hold onto your hats... here it is.... The man killed himself.... simple as that. Don't feel too bad... there's always another nutty conspiracy theory around every corner..... - Jack Russell.., Yorkshire..England, 26/6/2010 12:29 ------------------------ Jack I agree with you. But I feel it depends on the length of time that passes. An equiry this year will prove that he killed himself and them dumped himself by the woods. However in 38 years time we will discover that he was murdered by some people who were themselves murdered years later so no justice is possible. I can think of two reasons why there are so many nutty conspiracy theories; 1. people love conspiracy theories 2. too much remains unanswered I suggest you look into the rumours and see if they are supported by facts rather than judge it as nutty because conpiricy theorists are nutty.
Click to rate     Rating (0)
Dont fret , give it a few years when all these currently tight lipped public "servants" have retired, they'll all write books trying to make money out of the poor guys death. Gagging orders rarely appear to actually protect the countrys security,.....or be in the pulic interest, yet it seems normal for them to protect high flying politicians a**es
Click to rate     Rating   6
- Miss Marple, Meridian News Area, ----------------------------- That's very interesting. I have noticed many times that I myself have been out of date with important news items. Having heard the news that he was found propped up against a tree, that fact stayed with me. I now learn that was not what happened, the pictures show the body tent near some trees, not under a tree. How could the news have changed?
Click to rate     Rating   5
When so many people who are high up the government food chain refuse to discuss the matter and in fact do their best to sweep it under the carpet and act as if Dr Kelly never existed it merely adds fuel to the fires of discontent. Dr Kellys family deserves much more, though I doubt the truth will ever be made public. There may well be another "enquiry" but our political system is now so corrupt that any findings will be kept well away from the general public. I think this man was murdered and there is little doubt in my mind that this episode is much bigger and a lot more sinister than "Watergate" ever was!
Click to rate     Rating   10
If I were in Dr Kelly's position at the time, I would have wanted to stay alive to confront the Labour MP on the Select Committee whose nasty, vicious, vindictive questioning of a gentle man caused him much pain. Now, what was his name?
Click to rate     Rating   6
The investigation should not only include the event of Dr. David Kelly's death but most importantly the cover-up inquest conducted by Lord Hutton. If indeed Lord Hutton is found to be grossly negligent and no legal action is taken against Lord Hutton on this matter; then other governments may be tempted to pull off other such fake inquests in the future.
Click to rate     Rating   8
I have been thinking all day about the business of the wallpaper and it's removal. Dr Kelly was a scientist and genius, all scientists I have come across tend to write on everything from paper napkins in restaurants to toilet paper. . . . did he scribble his formulae and reasoning on the wallpaper . . . and so was it too sensitive for public viewing. Mrs Kelly may have the clue if she is allowed to reveal it.
Click to rate     Rating   6
The official line always stank! For God's sake & his poor family re-open the case Strange how Lucas in 'Eastenders' springs to mind Bet you won't publish this one DM - thanks anyway for trying to get the case investigated properly & find out the real truth
Click to rate     Rating   7
' Dark forces are at work '....who is alleged to have said that ? If the present government DO NOT OPEN UP THIS INVESTIGATION....then something is terribly wrong with this man's death AND we should all be fearful.!!
Click to rate     Rating   11
I couldn't agree more with this article. This entire episode has stunk from the beginning. But, despite his catholicism, do you really think that putting Bliar under oath will get the truth from him?
Click to rate     Rating   8
Any document which has been classified can be DEclassified quite easily. But classified or not ANY member of the Privy Council can gain access to it and that includes Cameron and presumably also Clegg.............. ..............Along with probably HUNDREDS of assorted civil servants who are NOT on the Privy Council.............
Click to rate     Rating   6
Is not the Act of Treason still not on the Statute Books? Then there is only one punishment fitting to such a crime, and it would serve to deter other wrongdoers.
Click to rate     Rating   6
I would dearly love to comment on this article, as it contains many interesting facts. But, with the Daily Mail's fear of upsetting both the Police, and the Government, including Blair, there's no point, so, I'll keep my thoughts to myself.
Click to rate     Rating   3
There are far too many unanswered questions into the death of this poor man and certainly proves that Government Ministers are above the law. Someone knows the truth and it's time it was revealed so that he can rest in peace and the perpetrators put on trial, WHOEVER they are.
Click to rate     Rating   11
Agreed this matter needs to be carefully re-examined, as does the circumstances into the death of Robin Cook, that didn't entirely add either.
Click to rate     Rating   15
To save Blair's neck again, why aa 70 year ban put on the matter, why would anyone need that blackout if someone had actually committed suicide,they wouldn' that is why the the whole matter has been hushed up. Dr. Kelly deserves more and let us hope that we get to the bottom of it and put the blame for his death where it belongs
Click to rate     Rating   12
How deep does this all go?
Click to rate     Rating   40
Cameron ! Coroners Inquest now please.Blair must answer.
Click to rate     Rating   40
Now will be the chance to get Teflon Tony in the dock where he belongs.
Click to rate     Rating   47
This is a real cover up what were the labour party afraid he would say. No way he killed himself , what is the real cover up???
Click to rate     Rating   43
It's pretty obvious that when a gagging order is placed then there is something to hide, What?
Click to rate     Rating   46
Dr David Kelly, deserves no less than a full investigation of all the points raised in this article. His family has the 'stigma' to bear, that he killed himself, when there is every likeliehood, he didn't. With luck, Blair and his cohorts will not be so complacent in their 'Champagne socialist ' Utopia, paid for by those now DEMANDING an inquiry and full coroners inquest. Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve, may not be suffering from Decision Deficit Disorder, but trying to ensure that they have all the evidence possible,prior to the announcement. Otherwise, like Blair's expense receipts, those in the spotlight will not have time to shred or destroy anything vaguel connected to this issue. Bet the midnight oil is being burned in a few places at this moment.
Click to rate     Rating   40
The general public should demand clarification on this matter, it is a disgrace and if Blair is found to be involved action should be taken. Unfortunately there are not enough people like Dr. Kelly around. The government has no right to undermine a person of such importance and possibly someone who could have stopped the country going to war! there is a complacency in the country which must be rectified!
Click to rate     Rating   33
I think that this should be taken to law in the US as a civil case. The UK legal establishment isn't strong enough to take on the elite like Blair. Any subsequent evidence can then be used to build a case for the Hague.
Click to rate     Rating   24
What a rotten Government! It's as if it's run by the Mafia.
Click to rate     Rating   32
I have never voted for Blair or the Labour party. For me, this case was the single sinister occurrence which changed the face of British politics forever. We will never find out what really happened, the same as we will never see Blair tried for war crimes.
Click to rate     Rating   25
What ever happened to the Iraq enquiry. The film stars attended (Blair & Brown) and then everything went quiet. Is the enquiry still going on or has it also been buried? Surely the one has a distinct bearing upon the other.
Click to rate     Rating   28
Further evidence that has been ignored. Between the SAR dog handler observing Dr kelly`s body after he was found by her Search Dog and them returning with a Police Officer, Dr kelly`s body had moved! No official comment has ever been made in connection with this fact! The cover up continues!
Click to rate     Rating   34

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