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Eighth submission (of 12) by me to the Attorney General Dominic Grieve

From: STEPHEN FROST <stephen.frost@>
Subject: Dr David Kelly was not Andrew Gilligan's prime source ... so who was?
To: privateoffice@attorneygeneralKevin.McGinty@attorneygeneral
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Date: Thursday, 24 February, 2011, 2:48

Dear Mr Parish and Mr McGinty,
I think this:
is the best account I have come across of the Government manipulation of the mainstream media and thereby the public in the days leading up to Dr David Kelly's death, whether that took place by suicide or by murder.  It demonstrates by the sheer audacity of the blatant and sustained Government subterfuge just how worried the Blair Government was re Dr David Kelly and/or Andrew Gilligan's prime source, who was not Dr Kelly as has been claimed repeatedly.  Please find the time to listen to the lecture in its entirety; it is most revealing.  A transcript of the lecture would be extremely useful. 

It is important to be aware that there is a very strong possibility that Dr Kelly's death was used to hide the identity of Gilligan's real source (whose identity for some reason the Government was desperate to hide); that by first trying to convince everybody (but failing) that Kelly was Gilligan's source and then by either having him killed or Kelly obliging by committing suicide the frenetic search for Gilligan's single source was stopped, especially when only two days after Kelly's body was allegedly found (did they ever lose him? ... he was just too important at the time not to be under tight surveillance?) and when he could no longer answer back the BBC issued a statement which gave people the false impression that Kelly was their (one and only) source, an impression which the BBC very interestingly never corrected.
There follows a devastating timeline (albeit not
comprehensive due to the 28 February deadline):
Here is Dr Kelly's letter of 30 June 2003 to Dr Bryan Wells:
Dr Kelly was "outed" on 9 July 2003.
Here is Dr Kelly's evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) on 15 July 2003:
Here are the informal minutes of that meeting:

Here is the letter written by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Donald Anderson to the Foreign Secretary Jack Straw later the same day:
Here is the evidence given by Dr Kelly to the Intelligence and Security Committee on 16 July 2003:

Here is the evidence given by Andrew Gilligan to the Foreign Affairs Committee on 17 July 2003, the day Dr Kelly went for his alleged walk:

Dr Kelly's body was allegedly found on 18 July 2003.
The BBC issued a statement on Sunday 20 July 2003 saying that Dr Kelly was their principal source:
The evidence of Sarah Pape (sister to Dr Kelly) is here (starts at 56):
Alastair Campbell's "it would fuck" Gilligan if Kelly proved to be the source:
So, if Dr David Kelly was not Andrew Gilligan's prime source, who was that prime source?
Please confirm receipt of this email and that its contents have been brought to the attention of the Attorney General.
Yours sincerely,
(Dr) Stephen Frost

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